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Learning to fly is one of the most fun, exciting, and challenging adventures you'll ever undertake. It's important to have the right partner on this journey. For generations, Cessna has been teaching the world to fly in safe, reliable aircraft. Today, we have partnered with 26 elite flight schools here in Florida to help make your flight training as safe, fun, and efficient as possible. These are our Cessna Pilot Centers.

The most important part of your training is going to be your instructor. Having the right instructor will make all the difference in the world towards a great training experience. With this in mind, our Cessna Pilot Centers only hire the best teachers. There is a lot of competition to instruct at a Cessna Pilot Center, so they are able to provide you with only the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and experienced flight instructors around.

These instructors are then equipped with all the tools they need to ensure your success. Cessna has partnered with King Schools to develop a nationally recognized training program specifically for our CPC's. It lays our a clear, well defined path for you to follow towards your Pilot's License. All of the lessons are laid out a head of time so that each flight builds on the skills you last learned and prepares you for what's coming next. This keeps your training focused so there is no wasted time. In fact, pilots at Cessna Pilot Centers earn their wings an average of 30% faster than at other schools.

Finally, what sets CPC's apart are the aircraft. You'll be learning in modern, state of the art Cessna's that are maintained and inspected in strict accordance with Pilot Center standards that are above and beyond what even the FAA requires. All modern Cessna's are equipped with the latest technology including the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit system.

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