Leaseback Potential for 2013

Without question, we all want a new airplane. In some cases it may simply not be in the cards financially. For many, however, it may be more of a justification issue. Here’s where leaseback can help. "Leaseback" is actually what the industry has come to call management and marketing agreements between aircraft owners and flight schools. What if you could:

  1. Establish an Aviation Business that helps you reduce or even eliminate the cost of aircraft ownership.
  2. Reduce or eliminate your sales tax burden on the purchase of a new airplane.
  3. Have a flight school or charter company professionally manage and market your aircraft.

Setting up a leaseback isn’t particularly tricky but with the significant tax advantages and documentation requirements, we recommend you consult your tax advisor about details. If you don’t have a tax consultant or your accountant is unfamiliar with aviation benefits, we know 3 firms that can assist you. Please contact us and we’ll give you their information.

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